My January wishlist

It's Friday! It's Friday! It was a short week, but I am so ready for the weekend. My week didn't end as well as it started. Such is the life of a grad student sometimes! I like unwinding from a long day of doing (or staring at) science by watching my favorite TV shows, eating potato chips dipped in cream cheese, playing with my cats, and perusing my favorite websites, among other things (including blogging, of course!). Here's a quick list of the pieces I've been lusting so far this month from many a day spent perusing the web!

Jack Wills Kemplay Crew Sweater


I've been staring at this sweater for about two weeks. It's on sale, but I'm not sure how the sizing runs, so I haven't taken the plunge on it. Winter won't be over here for about a month and a half, so I'm still loving sweaters!

Madewell Billie Boot


You guys. I am in absolute love with these boots. I first saw them on Pinterest and repinned them. Then, I was in a Madewell store with a friend and we drooled over these. (I didn't try them on and I should have.) Leaving the store, we saw a girl wearing them and became immediately jealous. I was hoping they'd be my next "big" purchase (with a good sale/coupon code), but they're out of stock in my size. Excuse me while I quietly sob.

ModCloth Triple the Charm Bag


I love the colors on this bag. The combination of black, ivory, and tan make it easy to incorporate into different outfits (a huge plus for me because I'm not really a bag person; I have two that I use regularly). It's currently out of stock but I hope to snag it when it comes back.

Julianne Hough for Sole Society Emmy Flat


These are adorable! I love the pointed toe and straps. I just can't decide if the black or the dark sky color would work better in my wardrobe. I feel like the dark sky would go well with my navy skirts, but what if it's too light? Would that look weird?

Gap Printed Fit & Flare Dress


Going along with the navy theme, this dress is dreamy! I am a sucker for navy and white stripes at any time of year, but this dress definitely gets me into a spring state of mind. It doesn't help that two bloggers I follow have posted outfits featuring this dress. I want this dress so bad it's almost a need. ;)

ModCloth Light Up My Life Skirt in Night


When I decided I was in need of a black mini skirt, this one was my first choice. Unfortunately, it's been out of stock in my size for a couple of weeks now and there is no plan to restock it. I've got my fingers crossed that a return comes back, especially now that it's on sale! In the meanwhile, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a worthy replacement.