2013 reflection

Tomorrow is the start of 2014. 2013 has gone by SO fast! I just can't believe how fast years actually go. Every year surprises me, and I know it shouldn't given that I've lived through a couple of decades. Maybe that's exactly why they surprise me. I made many new memories in 2013! I'm grateful for everything I was able to accomplish and all the places I went.

  • I survived my second semester of graduate school.
  • I passed my qualifying exam in May! That meant I could continue in my graduate program.
  • I went to New Hampshire three more times, and Chris visited me three times. We went to Maine and Idaho!
  • Chris graduated and later moved west to start graduate school. Melody moved with him.
  • We got to see many of our favorite artists in concert: Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, OneRepublic, and Matt Nathanson. We also met OneRepublic!
  • I went to Hawaii with my family to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday!
  • Chris and I adopted Sybil, completing our fur baby family!
  • I started blogging! I absolutely love it even though it has caused my interest in fashion (and shopping) to exponentially increase.
  • I survived my third semester of graduate school (I took no actual classes, so that was nice!).
  • Chris and I celebrated a year of being together!

Here's what my December looked like if you follow me on Instagram!

  • I flew to an academic conference to present my research and flew over some pretty geology.
  • At the conference, I got to use my new Ollie and Nic satchel! Plus, I painted my nails a shiny, deep blue for the season.
  • Chris and I went to see The Nutcracker, one of my favorite ballets!
  • Chris gifted me with this pretty framed picture of Rosie for Christmas, among other things!
  • Chris and I put up a real Christmas tree and filled it with gifts for our friends and families!
  • I drove back to my home state with the girls for the holidays!
  • I've been having a really relaxing holiday break, which I really needed.
  • I've been catching up with old friends while being home!

Here's hoping that 2014 will be another wonderful year! Thank you all for reading my blog!