Happy Caturday!

I thought I would dedicate my first official blog post to my three lovely, feisty fur babies. My boyfriend and I tend to call them "our girls".


I usually call her Rose when she's being naughty. Usually, I refer to her as Rosie. I adopted her from a humane society in April of 2011, just four days after her third birthday (or, you know, the day the humane society deemed it was her birthday). Rosie is big boned. We are working on getting her to a healthier weight, but it's taking some time. She loves flinging wristbands around, licking ice cubes, and jumping out of the litter box before covering her poo. Oh, my cat.



Melody is my boyfriend's cat and was adopted from a humane society a year ago. She was named after a character in Doctor Who (Melody Pond). Melody just turned six years old, we think. She looks a lot younger than she is! She loves fondling cat nip toys, sleeping on one's chest, and eating too quickly and throwing up everything she just ate.



Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Petco to pick up a cat bed for Melody. I love torturing myself, so I wandered over to the homeless cats looking for homes and saw this adorable calico hating life in her cage. Her intake date into shelter/rescue world was September 2012. Yep, 2012. A whole year ago. I couldn't take it. After sleeping on it, my boyfriend and I decided we would be her forever home, so we went back to adopt her the next day. She hasn't officially met Rosie or Melody yet. (She's staying in the loft, so she likes to look down at Rosie and Melody from the ledge. I think it might be making her feel like she's the queen bee.) We are hoping to introduce them sometime within the next week. She is getting sick of being in that room! I don't know her too well yet, but I do know that she loves her long, rainbow Cat Dancer-esque cat toy, lots of attention, and to occasionally refuse to be picked up.