Summer budget

Summer 2018 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

J.Crew Factory chambray tie-waist pant (seen here and here): $33 (originally $79.50)
J.Crew Factory striped cotton-linen midi skirt (seen here and here): $29.50 (originally $69.50)
J.Crew Sophie open-front sweater blazer (seen here and here): $88 (originally $138)
Madewell chambray cutout cami mini dress (seen here): $103 (originally $128)
Madewell flannel oversized side-button shirt (via Poshmark): $30.50 (retailed for ~$85)
Madewell high waist skinny jeans (via Nordstrom): $90 (originally $128)
Everlane denim shorts (seen here and here): $58
Everlane soft cotton square crew: $68
Hunter original gloss chelsea boots (seen here): $108 (originally $135)
Thread & Supply wubby fleece pullover (via Nordstrom): $55 (originally $78)
Le Specs Air Heart cat eye sunglasses (via Nordstrom; seen here and here): $62.50 (originally $89)
Earth Vital sneakers (gifted)

Summer 2018 Total = $500 ($725.50 - $225.50 earned from Poshmark sales)

$500 (quarterly budget) - $500 ($419.50 June + $80.50 July + $0 August) = $0 left over

We're nearing the end of summer, so it's time for another budget update! I purchased about the same number of items that I did this past spring. But, unlike spring, I spent way more than my allotted budget and only stayed "on budget" thanks to earnings from Poshmark sales. I still have some earnings left over to take with me into fall should I need it (and of course, I'm still hard at work trying to sell more items!).

Looking at my collage, it's funny how many items I purchased that are really for fall/winter/spring and not summer. I guess I can blame late spring sales and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for that. As you can probably imagine, I haven't worn those items that I have reserved for the cooler months, but I'm sure glad I picked them up because fall could arrive at any time. We've had a hint already the past few days! I leaned heavily into my love of blue and grey with my purchases but also added some color (olive *heart eyes*) that I can't wait to incorporate into my outfits as the temperatures start to dip.

What I kept:

  • J.Crew Factory chambray tie-waist pant (sold out but check for returns): I wasn't 100% sure about these pants when I first got them. They're wide—something I'm not used to! They're also not really cropped on me at all. I ended up keeping them because they're extremely comfortable and different. I took my usual 0.
  • J.Crew Factory striped cotton-linen midi skirt (on sale in limited sizes): I ordered this skirt in blue and red and ended up keeping the "safer" option for me: blue! It hits me at my knees so it's perfect for work. I sized down to XXS after reading reviews but I think the XS would have probably worked too since the waist is elastic.
  • J.Crew Sophie open-front sweater blazer: This was previously called the "new" lightweight sweater blazer. I ordered mine in heather grey, size XXS after reading reviews that said it ran a bit large. It fits perfectly, even on my broad shoulders. The sleeves are bracelet-length so they hit me at an awkward spot, but I cuff them once and like how it looks. I love this so much and I'm not sure what took me so long to order one! The camel color is on my list for the fall. 
  • Madewell chambray cutout cami mini dress (also available at Nordstrom and Shopbop in limited sizes): I ordered this dress for a wedding at a vineyard in late June after deciding that nothing I already owned would have worked. It's not something I typically would have picked for myself because I'm not a huge fan of thin straps and cutouts (and I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it to work), but I was surprised by how much I liked it! Now I just need more occasions so I can wear it again and again. I bought this in my usual 0.
  • Madewell flannel oversized side-button shirt (via Poshmark): I watched one of these on eBay for a while and then it sold, so then I placed an offer on impulse for one on Poshmark before browsing all the listings...and of course, my offer was accepted and I found other listings for way less than what I paid. Gah! Oh well. It isn't as thick and cozy as some of my other flannel shirts, and it's a little more worn than I was hoping it would be, but it's still nice. I stuck with my usual XS because it fits oversized, and it's just barely snug in the shoulders/short in the sleeves. If you're an XS, here are a couple other listings for less than what I paid: 1 / 2
  • Madewell high waist skinny jeans: I had olive jeans/pants on my list for the fall, so I was especially excited to see these included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I panicked when my usual size 25 sold out, so I ordered a 26, and then the 25 came back in stock so I placed another order for those. The 26 fit but felt just a little loose, so I ended up sticking with the 25. I haven't let myself wear them since it's still August but I can't wait to break them out next month!
  • Everlane denim shorts: Is it even summer if I don't buy a new pair of shorts? I couldn't wait to try these when they were released! I love the "vintage light blue" colorway, but I'm also tempted to try a medium wash if they are re-released next year. I ordered these in a size 24 first after looking at the size chart, and after not being able to get them over my thighs, reordered them in sizes 25 and 26. I took size 25 in their denim (my usual size in most denim), and when I tried on the 25s, they fit really well so I didn't even try on the 26s. Now, I wish that I had tried on the 26s because the 25s fit well when I'm not bloated. (#reallife) They're also not the most comfortable to sit in for long periods of them. So, lesson learned: Try on all the sizes I order. Haha.
  • Everlane soft cotton square crew: Yes, it's still summer (though I did get a chance to wear this yesterday after the temps dropped 20+ degrees), but I couldn't wait to order this after it came back in stock earlier this month. I went with size XS since it runs oversized, and it definitely is still a little bit oversized on me (the sleeves are long!) but I really like the fit—and the cotton is truly soft! Looking forward to wearing this all fall and winter!
  • Hunter original gloss chelsea boots: I added these to my boot collection because I wanted another rain boot option besides my tall yellow Hunters. I brought these along with me to visit my mom and step dad in rainy Washington and they worked perfect! The fit is snugger than my tall Hunters but I stayed with my usual size 7. My feet just don't have as much room. I also found that they can rub my ankles/legs if left exposed so I wear them with high socks and my skinny jeans tucked in to prevent that. I guess I need to build up some callouses. ;)
  • Thread & Supply wubby fleece pullover: This was another of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases. This was the only item that every blogger was shilling that I actually wanted to try for myself. I was honestly on the fence at first; it's so cozy, but it's super oversized! I ordered it in the smallest size available, a small, and it's still pretty big on me. I decided to hold onto it because I can see it being the perfect layer for when my office is unbearably cold in the winter.
  • Le Specs Air Heart 51 mm cat eye sunglasses: I ended up purchasing these in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale after seeing them on a blogger I follow, and I love them! You've already seen them in many outfit posts and I'm sure they will be in many more to come. ;)
  • Earth Vital sneakers: In exchange for some written and visual content for Earth's website, I got to pick a pair of shoes and these sneakers caught my eye. These are so comfortable! I took my usual size 7, and I wear them with beige ankle socks since they're hole-y (but I think black could look cool for some contrast).

What I tried and returned:

  • J.Crew Factory tie-waist midi skirt in gingham: I debated this skirt in my spring budget post, and I ended up returning it because I didn't think I would wear it enough. Plus, the tie was not removable and I could not get it to lay right. It fit great in my usual 0.
  • J.Crew Factory open-front sweater blazer: I bought the factory version of the sweater blazer in heather oatmeal, size XS. This one fit very similar to the J.Crew XXS. I ended up returning this one because I wasn't crazy about the color, and I liked how the J.Crew version kept its structure a little better; this one felt more casual (made of mostly cotton instead of wool). Plus, I decided I wanted a sweater blazer in camel instead.
  • J.Crew linen wrapped cardigan sweater (on sale!): I ordered this in ridge khaki along with the sweater blazer. Even though I like the look of wrapped garments on other people, this was definitely an impulse buy. I liked the idea of the wrap, but once I got it I didn't know what I would wear it with besides over sleeveless dresses. It was too thin to wear alone but too thin to layer over other garments. The fabric was also more shimmery than I expected. The size XS fit pretty well but the arms were short.
  • Cole Haan Piper loafer mule: I've been wanting to try a pair of mules, so I ordered two colors (cordovan leather and twilight mauve suede) in my usual size 7 in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (NAS). The leather mules were gorgeous but a little stiff. I think my feet had too-high of an instep for them because they dug into the top of my foot. The suede shoes appeared pink in photos but were definitely purple in person. They also felt maybe a touch too short. Both pairs were returned.
  • Treasure & Bond felt Panama hat (sold out): Another NAS purchase. This looked like a cute black hat option for the fall but the style did not look right on my head!
  • BlankNYC 'The Madison' straight leg crop jeans (sold out): These ended up being my most annoying NAS purchase due to so many order cancellations! When will they get that figured out? Anyway, I ordered my usual 25 without consulting the size chart, and I could not button them or zip them due to the lack of stretch. Definitely my fault. Then I ordered size 27 after looking at the size chart, but they were massive! If they had fit me right, they would have been so cute. Bummed but oh well; there will always be another pair of jeans I want. ;)
  • Wacoal 'How Perfect' no-wire contour bra: I don't include undergarments in my budget, but I wanted to mention this because it was another NAS purchase. I ordered size 30DD in cappuccino; my "true" size is 28E but I prefer 30 bands, so a 30DD is the sister size. It ended up being way too tight around my ribcage, and the cups flattened and pointed outwards so it wasn't my favorite fit. I kind of wonder how it would fit in the next band and cup size up but haven't pulled the trigger on another just yet!

What's on deck for fall:

  • Everlane lightweight French terry crew: I ordered this sweatshirt at the end of July in heather grey, size XS, but I decided to return it and reorder a size small. I didn't pay close attention to the size chart when I ordered, and even though I'd like this to fit slimmer than my slim classic French terry crew (seen here), the arms were already short and I was worried about it shrinking a bit in the wash. I loved it other than the sizing issue, and the replacement should arrive soon!
  • Madewell Hollis double-breasted coat: I preordered this coat with the $25 off coupon I received at the beginning of August. (If I had been patient and waited, I could have used my 15% off Insiders coupon... sigh.) It's the first time I've ever preordered something, and I really hope I love it as much as I think I will! I've been wanting a camel coat in my life since I decided to part with the one I used to have. I ordered my usual 0, and I'm hoping it's roomy enough for sweaters but not too oversized.
  • Madewell small transport crossbody (also available at Nordstrom): I've had a grey bag on my wish list for what feels like forever without finding anything I liked—until now—so I think I'm going to buy this one when my birthday discount arrives next month. I only wish this bag had a top zipper, but I realized that even with my zippered bags, the zipper is open most of the I don't think it will be a huge deal. I may not end up traveling with it because of that, though.

Spring budget

Spring 2018 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Madewell flannel ex-boyfriend shirt (via Poshmark; seen here): $30 (retailed for $82)
Madewell Palisade button-front midi skirt (seen here): $78 (originally $98)
Amour Vert Kim dress (seen here): $110.50 (originally $138)
Amour Vert Salome top (seen here): $78.50 (originally $98)
Everlane kick crop jeans (review here; seen here, here, and here): $78
Everlane slim classic French terry crew (review here): $40
Everlane linen scoopneck tee: $35
Grana pima lindis wool wrap cardigan: $89
Grana French linen A-line dress: $79
Earth Ibiza perforated sandals (c/o; seen here and here)
Earth Tierra sandals (c/o; seen here)

Spring 2018 Total = $418 ($618 - $32 Everlane credit - $168 Grana credit)

$500 (quarterly budget) - $418 ($383 March + $0 April + $35 May) = $82 left over

After shopping lightly in the winter months, I purchased quite a few new items during the spring (and summer is already off to a spendy start thanks to Memorial Day sales, which you can read more about at the bottom of this post!). I managed to not go over my quarterly budget thanks to store credit at Everlane and Grana. I decided not to roll over the amount that I left unspent at the end of winter, and I don't think I will roll over what's left from spring, either. I'm glad I can stay under my self-imposed budget! I still have a ton of money earned from Poshmark sales that I can dip into if needed.

These past few months, I tended to buy things in multiples of two...can you tell? I got two things from Madewell, two from Amour Vert, two from Grana... I bought four items from Everlane but only kept three. Kinda weird how that worked out! Read on for the details on what I ended up keeping, what I tried and returned, what I recently received but am still deciding on, and what I recently ordered. It's a long one!

What I kept: 

  • Madewell flannel classic ex-boyfriend shirt in Akiva plaid (via Poshmark): I snagged this shirt in a size small when the seller put it on sale at the end of February. It's so dreamy! Madewell's thick flannel shirts are the best. I highly recommend this one if you find it secondhand (it's from a few seasons ago and no longer available).
  • Madewell Palisade button-front midi skirt (available at Nordstrom): I ordered this during a promo for Madewell Insiders back in March. I debated a while between this rust color and the indigo (chambray-like) color. I decided to be daring (for me, lol) and order the rust in my usual size 0. I surprisingly don't mind the length on me! It's slightly longer than my other midi skirt. The waist fits a bit tight when I tuck in tops, but it's not unbearable.
  • Amour Vert Kim dress (on sale!): I really only bought this dress because of the name, but I was also intrigued by the wrap and tie in front. I purchased the anthracite color in size small just so it wasn't too tight, and wow—it's basically my new favorite dress! It's so soft, and the wrap/tie in front is so flattering and camouflages my belly pooch. Highly recommend this, especially now that it's on sale!
  • Amour Vert Salome top: I mainly placed an order at Amour Vert for this top in particular, but the dress above ended up being my favorite from the order! I also got this top in anthracite but opted for a size XS, which is my usual size. It fits well, almost a little big. The fabric is soft and substantial (same fabric as the dress), so it's more weighted and less floaty over the body.
  • Everlane kick crop jeans: I was excited to see Everlane offer a new denim silhouette! I ordered the kick crop jeans in bone in my skinny jean size (25). At first they fit snug, but now they almost fit big, especially in the front around the zipper. I'm not a fan of the extra fabric. Mine also unravel a considerable amount every time they're washed, which is kind of a bummer, but I'm probably going to end up cutting them an inch anyway! You can read more in my review.
  • Everlane slim classic French terry crew: I'm slowly trying to upgrade my loungewear, and this basic sweatshirt from Everlane is a great starting place. I love the bone color; it's not harsh at all against my skin. I ordered it in a size small for a little extra arm length in case of shrinkage but I love the cozy feel of the larger size, too. I've worn this a ton on the weekends and even once to work when I wanted to feel particularly comfortable.
  • Everlane linen scoopneck tee: I love the heather grey scoopneck linen tee I purchased last year, so when Everlane released new colors I jumped on them! I'm really into the green trend going on right now, so I bought it in the surplus color in size XS. I wore it the day after I got it, so yep, it's another winner! :)
  • Grana pima lindis wool wrap cardigan: I used some of my Grana credit to pick up this cozy wrap cardigan. I picked the heather grey color in size XS. I plan to wear it over tees and tanks on cooler summer days (the arms are loose and breezy so I won't be too warm). I think it will also be worn a lot in the cooler months under long-sleeved tees.
  • Grana French linen A-line dress: What can I say? It's a linen dress! And it's green! This purchase was relatively impractical since I can't wear it to work, but I used credit so I don't feel so bad about it. ;) It's not my favorite cut (it doesn't cover bra straps at all pretty much), but I decided to own it and wear it with a black bra since it peeks out. The shape is perfect for when I do a lot of eating, and I love the length; it balances the A-line shape nicely. The major downside, of course, is that it's linen and wrinkles very easily. I don't let it bother me. I also got this dress in a size XS.
  • Earth Ibiza perforated sandals (c/o): I worked on a couple of outfit posts in collaboration with Earth again this spring and picked two pairs of sandals. The amber-colored Ibiza slide sandals were a surprising favorite! They're extremely comfortable and go with everything. I got them in my usual size 7, but I think a size 6.5 would have worked, too (they can sometimes feel loose when I'm walking).
  • Earth Tierra sandals (c/o): The multicolored Tierra sandals were my other sandal choice. These lean on the dressy side compared to the Ibiza sandals but are, of course, super comfortable and easy to wear. I also got these in size 7.

What I tried and returned: 

  • Amadi flared skirt (via Amour Vert): I ordered this skirt in navy along with the dress and top seen above, but I didn't keep it because it ran very small! I purchased an XS (my usual size in Amour Vert garments) but could barely breathe once I had it on. I decided not to exchange for a larger size because the tag said dry clean only and I'm trying to avoid dry clean only items right now.
  • Everlane linen scoopneck tee in black: I ordered this with the surplus linen tee above, and the black is surprisingly see-through. I think the surplus and heather grey colors I have (the latter purchased last year) are close enough to my skin color that my bra isn't noticeable, but it's super noticeable when I wear black. I don't want to wear a tank or other top under the tee, so back it goes... Wah-wah.

What I'm still deciding on:

  • J.Crew Factory striped cotton-linen midi skirt: I'm trying to beef up my midi skirt collection as we head into summer, so I ordered this skirt in both colors (red stripes and blue stripes) to figure out which one I liked the most. I sized down to XXS due to reviews, and they fit well but I think my usual XS may have worked, too. I have a feeling that it's going to be hard for me to pick one and that this is going to turn into an Instagram stories poll...HA.
  • J.Crew Factory tie-waist midi skirt in gingham: This was definitely an impulse purchase. I'm a fan of gingham in the spring/summer, black gingham is a classic, and it's a midi skirt I could wear to work. I'm just not sure I'll get a whole lot of wear out of it because it is such a statement piece. The tie in front isn't removable, which limits its versatility. I ordered it in my usual size 0 and it fits just right without anything tucked in (yikes, I need to workout!).
  • J.Crew Factory chambray tie-waist pant: Cotton-linen pants are the best in the warmer months (if you have to wear pants to work, of course), and since wide leg pants are trending, I decided to order a pair to try. I'm not 100% sold on them; I think I would need to have them hemmed for them to look right on me. I'm also not used to seeing myself in any pant leg silhouette wider than boyfriend jeans, haha. I ordered these in my usual size 0 and they fit just right.

What is currently en route:

  • Hunter original gloss chelsea boots: I've been holding onto a coupon for a couple of months now, debating between ordering the packable tour boots in green (I have them in yellow and WILL buy them in green someday) or a pair of short chelsea boots for the warmer months. After what was probably my most-answered (and closest) Instagram stories poll thus far, I finally decided on the glossy chelsea boots in navy, though I went back and forth between the glossy and matte versions for way longer than I'd like to admit! I ordered them in size 7, which is my normal shoe size and the size I have in my yellow boots. The yellow boots are a bit roomy so I hope these fit more true to size. We've been having such a rainy/stormy spring and it will be nice to have a pair of short boots, but you know that the rain and storms will stop as soon as my boots arrive haha!
  • J.Crew Factory open-front sweater blazer: I'm always looking for work-appropriate layers, and this sweater blazer got rave reviews. I ordered the heather oatmeal color in my usual XS, and then I realized that I already have a beige blazer (the linen blazer I purchased last year from J.Crew Factory), but I think they are different enough that it won't matter if I end up loving this one.
  • J.Crew new lightweight sweater blazer: Can you tell I'm all about the sweater blazers? It doesn't seem right considering we're going into the hottest months of the year, but the A/C at my work is fierce and these will be very appreciated! J.Crew's most recent version is made of a cotton blend, so it's lighter than their fall/winter version. I ordered it in heather grey, size XXS after studying the reviews. Really hoping it fits!
  • J.Crew linen wrapped cardigan sweater: I'm kinda into the wrap silhouette right now, so I ordered this cardigan in "ridge khaki", size XS. (Though I think the "dark seaweed" color is gorgeous!) I think it will make a perfect summer-weight cardigan over tank tops and pair especially well with midi skirts, high-rise jeans, and even dresses. I'm kind of worried that it will stretch out with wear like most linen tends to do, which is why I stuck with my usual size. Fingers crossed! :)

Winter budget

Winter 2018 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Everlane modern boyfriend jean (seen here and here): $68
Grana cashmere volume sweater (sold out; seen here, here, and here): $43 (originally $115)
Madewell 10" high-rise skinny jeans: tulip-hem edition (seen here): $103 (originally $128)

+ $8 to patch my Madewell legging jeans

Winter (January/February) Total = $11 ($222 - $68 Everlane credit - $43 Grana credit - $100 Madewell gift card)

$500 (quarterly budget) - $206.50 (December) - $11 (January/February) = $282.50 left over

In a bizarre twist of events, I didn't even spend half of the budget I allotted for myself the past three months. I would like to attribute that to the fact that I downloaded Mint and have been watching my spending like a hawk, but I haven't really been watching my spending, LOL. It feels good to realize that I don't need to be shopping nonstop. I'm not feeling terribly satisfied with my wardrobe right now since it's the end of winter and I'm tired of my clothes, but I'm also being pickier than usual about what I add, and that's really why I haven't bought a whole lot. I'm not mad about it! ;)

I'm not sure yet if I will roll that leftover amount to my spring budget, but I have three months to decide. I guess I'll have to see if I find over $700 worth of items to add in the next couple of months, haha. Doubtful, but never say never. I also made over $200 selling items on Poshmark since the end of December, so I have that to play with, too!

As you'll be able to tell in the detailed recap below, I've been shopping mostly at Everlane these days. Oops! I'm going to try to branch out more in the spring... :) I'm still holding firm to my wardrobe plan for the year and hoping I can cross some items off when more spring merchandise is released!

What I kept:

  • Everlane modern boyfriend jean: When I saw the light blue wash teased on their social media, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair! It was the perfect opportunity to try their modern boyfriend jeans, and I'm addicted. I love these jeans so much. They're extremely comfortable compared to my black skinny jeans. I ended up sizing down to 24, and while it's still a bit roomy in the waist, they don't fall off without a belt. The legs are also still loose but don't look sloppy. I'm very tempted to order these in another color...probably the medium wash. Highly recommend!
  • Grana cashmere volume sweater (sold out): I placed a big order with a ton of shirts for my boyfriend (they're his favorite) during Grana's No-Markup sale that started in mid-December and included this sweater for myself. It took forever for my order to arrive; it had been almost a month since I placed my order when it finally arrived. It was mostly due to the fact that it took them over a week to ship it. Gah! I'm probably not ever going to pick the slow shipping ever again, lol. Anyway, I adore my sweater, which is pretty obvious since I've already featured it here three times! It's black and attracts all the cat hair, as expected, but I still enjoy wearing it!
  • Madewell 10" high-rise skinny jeans: tulip-hem edition: I received a gift card to Madewell for Christmas and decided to use it on a new pair of jeans. At the time I ordered these, I was so over all of my jeans! These were backordered and delayed an extra week but I received them at the beginning of February. I actually was surprised when I got them because they seemed so different in person. They are definitely not as dark as they appear in the stock photo above. I decided to hang onto them because they're on the lighter end of the spectrum, and I don't really have any other washes like this one in my collection already. I love the hem detail, but I'm not super crazy about the whiskering. I must say that these jeans fit like a dream! I ordered my usual 25 (in the short inseam, which are now unavailable, unfortunately) and they fit perfectly. Their new "Magic Pockets" really suck me in!

What I tried and returned:

  • Everlane 'Day' heel in velvet (sold out): I ordered these in light grey in the Choose What You Pay sale that started at the end of December. I had such high hopes, but they were just slightly too large in my usual size 7. The back of the heel kept slipping off when I walked around my living room. I'd like to try them again some day in size 6.5. I also wasn't 100% sure about the light grey; I worried they wouldn't get worn that much.
  • Everlane cotton box-cut tee: I ordered this tee, which I already own in white (and love), in another color to get free shipping with the 'Day' heel. I ended up returning it because the color I received was "rhubarb" (muted red, almost pink) while the color shown in the product photos (and on my packing slip) was a true red. (I noticed that the link to the product says "rhubarb" but the product still has "red" listed...) Ah well. I didn't even try it on but I ordered it in my usual XS.

What is currently en route:

  • Everlane kick crop jean: Oops, I did it again. ;) I got really excited about these when I saw them because they're a different style but not super flared. I bought these in bone, so they will work perfectly in the spring and summer, and I don't think the frayed ends will be as obvious so I'm hoping they will be work-appropriate. I got size 25 since that's the size I took in the skinny jean and my fingers are crossed!
  • Everlane slim classic French terry crew: I've been planning to buy an ivory sweatshirt for a while now, so I took the plunge and finally ordered the famous French terry crew to get free shipping with the kick crop jean (can you tell I hate paying for shipping?). I debated a lot between the slim classic version and their newly-released lightweight version but opted for the slim classic after studying the product photos/videos and the garment measurements for each. (It seems like the lightweight version runs one size larger than the slim classic.) I decided to size up to a small after looking at the garment measurements. I hope it fits me the way I want! BUT, if it is slightly too large, I have some wiggle room to wash/dry it and hope for some shrinkage.